Welcome to the District Harrison

Eat. Shop. Play.

Established in 2017, The District was born from a vision to breathe new life into Harrison's cherished historic downtown buildings, igniting a renaissance of community pride and unity. Our mission is clear: to cultivate a vibrant gathering space that not only preserves the architectural legacy of our past but also serves as a beacon for communal connection and celebration. Through the infusion of innovative businesses and a dynamic calendar of special events, The District stands as a testament to our commitment to restoring the splendor of our heritage buildings. As we evolve, we're swiftly emerging as a beloved local hotspot, inviting all to indulge in a trifecta of experiences: dining, shopping, and recreation. With a wealth of locally-owned enterprises, The District promises an authentic and enriching journey for all who visit.

District Event Series


Spring Food Truck Rally

May 18, 2024


Taste of Harrison

September 7, 2024

District Area Fun Facts

Fun Fact #1

The original 4 blocks of downtown were plotted in 1810 and centered on the intersection of Market (now Harrison Ave) and Walnut Streets

Fun Fact #2

Below The District streets, there’s an underground tunnel system that once connected some buildings in downtown Harrison with the Whitewater River. The tunnels were used in earlier times to bring in supplies and other products from the Whitewater River. The tunnels may also have been used as part of the Underground Railroad during the Civil War. Supposedly all of the tunnels have all been closed up and stoned shut...stop by Market Street Grille to learn more.

Fun Fact #3

During the Civil War, Confederate raiders under the leadership of General John Hunt Morgan (Morgan’s Raiders), swept through the town in July 1863. They entered Ohio from Indiana, taking horses and other loot and subsequently burned the suspension bridge at the end of Main Street (now State Street) after crossing it

Fun Fact #4

Legend has it that the Great Bambino once passed through downtown Harrison having stopped at the corner of Harrison Ave and State Street. Former Mayor Neil Platt was a relatively young man at the time, having breakfast at Lambros Diner. It was the postwar era of WWII in the mid 1940's and Neil Platt was leaving Lambros Diner (commonly called "the Greek's") located on the corner of State Street and Harrison Avenue. Neil said he stepped out of the diner onto the sidewalk and looked up and the only thing he saw was a shiny new convertible with the top down. In the passenger's seat sat Babe Ruth. He was wearing a hat, tipped it to Neil and smiled as they drove by slowly rounded the corner and headed down State Street.